Posted on November 10, 2016

While going through her mail, Jamie Valentine noticed her stepdaughter's report card had arrived, and it was all bad. Jamie was pissed and that's when Vanessa Sparks popped up with her boyfriend. Jamie started yelling at her and kicked Peter out. Vanessa went to walk him out but just told him to go around the side and she would let him in to her room. She went back inside and started mouthing off to Jamie about how she doesn't care what she says because she's just a stepmom. Jamie had had enough and demanded some respect by grabbing her face and shoving her tongue down her throat! Vanessa was in shock and had nothing to say while Jamie told her to get her ass in the living room for a lesson. Jamie stripped her down covered her mouth and started fingering her while she moaned. Meanwhile, Peter had been peeping through the window the whole time and was caught when he made a sound. Jamie dragged him right in the living room and made Vanessa watch while she blew him. Before long, Vanessa was touching herself and getting wet while her stepmom rode her boyfriend's hard cock. You have to see all this intense action as Jamie teaches these two young punks how a real pro gets the job done.

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